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2020 Golf Virtual Senior Night

Results of Girls Golf Team Meeting - November 22, 2019

Golf Team Dress Code:

·         Collared shirts

·         Slacks or Bermuda length shorts


·         Cargo pants/shorts 

·         T-shirts or other non-golf shirts

·         Shorts shorter than Bermuda length

Notes for 2020 NHS GG Team

1.                                      1.  Winter and Spring Plans

a.       Raechel asked about “off season conditioning”

                                                               i.      Coach Condon will look into availability of using the fitness center near the gymnasium for some scheduled – strength, flexibility, and aerobic conditioning during the winter months.

                                                             ii.      2.6 Physical Fitness Programs (Conditioning) a. Member schools may conduct physical fitness programs in accordance with the following standards: 1) Physical fitness programs may be conducted indoors or outdoors, as long as there is no coaching and instruction of sport techniques and skills. Cardio vascular conditioning derived from running type activities is permitted. 2) Equipment used in playing a sport is prohibited in physical fitness programs. 3) Weight machines and indoor weight rooms may be utilized in physical fitness programs. 4) Out-of-season physical fitness programs may be conducted for a select group of athletes. Member schools must assure that students are not coerced to participate and that these programs do not hinder or interrupt any of the students other educational, athletic, or family commitments. These programs must be school sponsored and under the direct supervision of the school. 5) Mandatory attendance at out-of-season physical fitness programs is not permitted.

                                                            iii.      9. May a coach conduct an out-of-season non-mandatory workout, for members of his/her team where well designed aerobic, stretching, plyometrics, other physical fitness activities and interval training techniques are used?

1.       Yes. But the training techniques cannot be sports specific and must comply with regulation 2.5.4. which in part states that the equipment of the sport may not be used.

                                                           iv.      c. Member schools may not organize or permit coaches to organize, supervise or operate athletic practices or interscholastic athletic contests for their school or potential team members. A school or coach may not organize and conduct practices with any incoming ninth graders or students not on the eligibility list prior to the start of the sport season.


2.                                    2.   Introductions

a.       Freshman – Sejla Osmanovic from MKMS

b.     Absent from meeting - Shea, Maddie, and Lindsay

3.       Any thoughts on new ways to conduct practices

a.       Coach Condon will look into the possibility of setting up a net somewhere at Indian Hill during our home matches/practices to allow a few warm up shots before going on the course.

                     4.       Setting Goals – Coaches Condon and Miller suggested that each player should set goals for themselves

a.        Indvidual

I.                    Returning players improve scores from last year

II.                  Earn All Conference honors (based on your best 10 differential scores of all of your matches with other CCC teams).  Maddie was NHS only All Conference player.  The top 25 players were selected from all of the Girls teams and Girls playing for the boys teams.

III.                Earn All State honors (Selection based on the players best 10 differentials from all matches played plus the players score difference from par during the State Tournament.  Top 15 players and ties …the player must play in the Girls or Boys State Tournament.

IV.                Earn the right to play in Open…………… players in the State Tournament

V.                  Earn the right to play in New Englands………… players in the State

b.       Team

I.                     Win our division ………based on team wins/losses with teams in CCC South

II.                  Win the CCC Conference …………..based on best team score that day

III.                Qualify for States…………Top 15 or 20 Teams

6.                                       Academic Success

a.       Stay eligible to play………………No “F’s”

b.      Get help when you need it ..............Don’t procastinate

c.       Stay on top of assignments……………Don’t procastinate

Boys team - Head Coach, Jayson Barbarotta Assistant Coach, Jordan Jarvis

Girls team - Head Coach, Richard Condon         Assistant Coach, Rob Miller

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